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Crumblehome Book Tales by Tom Briggs

Crumblehome Book Tales by Tom Briggs

Product Description

Tales of Crumbleholme: written by the late Mr Tom Briggs, who was born in Lancashire and spent most of his life teaching Art. Crumbleholme is an ancient boy’s Boarding School which has, perhaps, seen better days, but is home to a group of adventurous, fearless boys. 

Their adventures involve a rocket, a chariot, a secret tunnel, a mystical experience at the Boat Race and many more.

A reader's review...

A fantastic trilogy suitable for both adults and children. This exciting, witty, and hilarious account of Crumbleholme Boys' Boarding School and its intrepid pupils will not fail to please.

The three separate stories are equally favourable, with all three plots accelerating from the sublime to complete farce. No other book has made me laugh so much this year. The first tale includes the CIA, the KGB, Chinese spies, space rockets, Special Branch Police and a West African Ambassador. The second concerns organized and convicted criminals, financial difficulties, whipped cream, getaway bicycles and some chemistry experiments. Whilst the third, and probably most mysterious, includes the elusive Egyptian time traveller: Rahomen- ka-hutep. To say any more would simply ruin it!

There are aspects of this novel to amuse everyone from eight year olds to 99 year olds. Any reader with a decent imagination will appreciate the fantastically funny Tales of Crumbleholme. Tom Briggs manages to entertain and amuse any age group with this unputdownable novel of intrigue, charm and heroism, enhanced by Briggs' sprinkling of comical illustrations, fantastic gift for anyone.

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